Thanks to all who volunteered, presented, and attended the Finger Lakes Bioneers Conference!  And, a special thank you to our sponsors for their generous support.  Finger Lakes Bioneers 2010 was an inspiring event for all community members.  To get involved in planning for 2011, contact info(at)wemakeourfuture(dot)org.


On Saturday October 23 at 7:15pm, meet Ithaca Bioneer Liz Walker.  She will discuss her book, Choosing a Sustainable Future: Ideas and Inspirations from Ithaca, NY, and the impact of our inspiring local sustainability leaders. Come find out how bioneers here in Ithaca are leading the way in the national movement towards a more sustainable future! 

Last night, the Finger Lakes Bioneers planning committee got a sneak preview of David O. Brown and Lang Elliott's performance- don't miss it!  Water Speaking Water will blend audio, video, water and light to entertain guests of all ages. Saturday night, October 23 from 7:15-10pm at the Women's Community Building.


Thanks to Little Tree Orchards for their generous dontation of local apples to sustain our Bioneers!  Members of the Finger Lakes Bioneers Planning Committee went to the orchard this weekend to pick fresh, local apples.  Not only is the orchard beautiful, the apples are superb and sustainably grown!


Register now and save time at conference events - bypass the line and make the most of your Bioneers experience! Visit:  http://wemakeourfuture.org/Buy-Ticket or call 607-216-1552. 


Don't miss out on the SEEN on Friday, October 22.  Learn how to integrate the Triple Bottom Line into your day-to-day choices.  Using the "Wheel of Life," Scott Hamilton and Ravi Walsh will help participants connect choices to personal intentions.

Get energized with the Bioneers!  Gimme! Coffee is sponsoring Friday and Saturday afternoon's Climate Change Game and Tompkins Transitions with their sustainable coffee.  Come learn how we can build a more sustainable community by working together.

The Finger Lakes Bioneers wish to thank Alternatives Federal Credit Union for their generous sponsorship of the Climate Change Game -don't miss your chance to play on Friday October 22nd!


The Finger Lakes Bioneers thank HSBC Commit-to-Change for their generous sponsorship of the Finger Lakes Bioneers conference and their generous provision of 100 scholarships to Ithaca College students!  Join us as we begin "Awakening the Dreamer" in all of us!

The Finger Lakes Bioneers planning committee is proud to announce that we have ten youth & student scholarships!  For more information, email info(at)wemakeourfuture(dot)org.

Tompkins Transitions is coming to Ithaca on October 23rd. Designed specifically for residents of Tompkins County, this game puts you in the drivers seat on important local issues.  Learn more about the game and it's architects at BigPictureSmallWorld Programs and don't miss your chance to participate here in Ithaca! 

Volunteer with the Bioneers: Volunteers are needed to help with registration, refreshment set up and general support.  This is a great way to get to know the Bioneers in Ithaca and you'll gain free admission to the event!  For more information, email info(at)wemakeourfuture(dot)org.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to socialize with your fellow Bioneers:


Friday October 22, 5:30-7:30 pm: join us at Wildfire Lounge, 106 S. Cayuga St. The Sustainable Enterprise and Entrepreneur Network (SEEN) will host a reception, followed by a presentation by Scott Hamilton and Ravi Walsh on the “Paradigm Shift Behind the Triple Bottom Line.” Learn how mindfulness and self-inquiry can lead us toward action in support of social, ecological, and financial success for our business and family, community and planet. ($5/SEEN members, $10/non-members.)




Friday October 22, 8 – 10 pm: Finger Lakes Bioneers Salon -- Re-Imagining Water: An Evening of Water Wisdom and Art at Wildfire Lounge. With selections of Lang Elliott’s natural soundscapes; Mara Alper’s films, animations and interviews; and Helena Cooper will screen her riveting close-up photographs of water, with ambient music provided by local musicians. (No charge.)


Don't miss the lunchtime presentation on Friday, October 22 by Doug Coward, noted green economy leader from Florida's Treasure Coast.  Mr. Coward serves as a St. Lucie County commissoner and has provided significant leadership in making his county a national leader in the emerging green economy.  Grab some lunch downtown and join us from 11:30-1:00 pm on October 22 in the Womens Community Building.

About the Conference:

The Finger Lakes Bioneers return October 22-24, 2010 with the second annual We Make Our Future conference. We're trying something new this year - putting the spotlight on You!

Each day of the conference offers a chance to get deeply engaged with fellow citizens to co-create new responses to the challenges of climate change, job losses, energy and food security, and unsustainable development patterns. 

The theme of this year’s gathering is personal and civic responsibility. The work of redesigning our economic and political systems is too complex to be solved by a small number of policymakers and business leaders.  We need everyone's input and commitment to change, in order to find solutions that are both wise and just. 


Come get inspired... and discover your own capacity to inspire others!

Special thanks to the Park Foundation for bringing Bioneers to Ithaca, and for their longstanding support for so many bioneers in our community and across the nation.  They are truly shifting the paradigm in our country!


Our gathering in Ithaca is part of a national movement of Bioneers working to create a more sustainable world.  Learn more about the national conference at: 


View(download) welcome letter from the National Bioneers Conference


For more information about the Finger Lakes Bioneers, email:




Omar Freilla at Finger Lakes Bioneers "We Make Our Future"